Tuesday 19 April 2011

Construction of the beginning of the last century.

I am sorry for the big contrast in this photo but it was early in the morning, just at sunrise.
This rest home* in the northern centre of Madrid is a nice example for the kind of construction of the 1910s here. Originally designed in 1912 and built in 1915, it got its church in the thirties. Now it forms part of the city, but prior it was outside the limits of the town. Nevertheless the immediate surroundings are keeping its suburbian style. And it is only 500 metres from the Bernabeu-stadium away! Designed by Manuel Martínez Ángel, the two wings had accommodated sick persons, separated according to sexes. In the central part were situated the original church and the offices.
* What an ugly name for the last residencial of our old people, our parents, grandpas... You know a better word for these buildings?