Sunday 31 December 2006


31 december. Near the Parliament.Madird

Thursday 28 December 2006

PEOPLE/HOMES: incorrect

I am trying to show you things that happen in this city, somo of them are urgent...houses, dwelings, huge prices, banks...this is one of the most urgent matter at this moment, young people has started to join and make demostrations in the streets of the center, it is all around spain, in every city once a month¡,this problem starts some years ago with the government before, prices * 5 in 10 years...riches are richer, middle class go down...
This is the last demonstration of last saturday, a part of them-of us wandered around lavapies...where 20 percent of houses are void..." Gente sin casas, casas sin gente...que es lo que pasa, que no tenemos casa" (People without homes, homes without people, , what's on ...we don't have a home)

Wednesday 27 December 2006


¿You now?...This morning I went back to Reina Sofia museum and all the square was reflected on Ian Ritchie’s elevator towers… I was like hypnosed… ¿You now?...

Tuesday 26 December 2006

Retiro’s Christmas Tree

In this days while walking in Retiro’s park in Madrid you can find this huge Christmas tree tall 20m. It’s placed in ‘Paseo del Duque de Fernán Nuñez’ so it’s just impossible to miss it; is so big that you can enter inside it and visual interact with the surround. Retiro is the oldest park in park in Madrid inaugurated in Felipe IV realm around 1630. Just the perfect place to go on a sunny Christmas day…

Monday 25 December 2006


Part of the life on the sea has moved to the streets, they wait very close one to each other to see a friend, a walker outside. The ones whose eyes are closed to the glass tell the others about outside.Frozen little sea
(A very cheap fish shop closed to Tirso de Molina- chinese quarter. You could find lots of prawm going down the street at night)

Sunday 24 December 2006

Shadows... (playing with winter sun)

I was just playing with the winter light and shades… balconies… trees… reflections… when I was surprised by the shadow of this little fellow (that shouldn’t be there)… well the fact is that he was, or at least is shadow… the photo was made in the madrileño barrio de Salamanca part of city expansion on the late XIX century, work of the engineer Carlos María de Castro.

Friday 22 December 2006

Sidewalks... (your eyes opened)

On Madrid sidewalks you really can find any kind of stuff… when I arrived here some years ago the entire furniture of my house was entirely of things found in the street… if you need something… ¡no problem!... just take a walk around and serve your self…

Thursday 21 December 2006


...browns, white, mostaza. Sometimes is not very different the body and the chair. Back, Front, established legs, focus... The passion of designer for chairs is the aim of designing a body, that will be seated on it with no difference between a flesh-leg or a wooden-leg.
the sound of opening and closing chairs can be heard looking at them: taca-taca-taca-trok-plashsss

( Plaza Mayor, Madrid . XVIII century)

Wednesday 20 December 2006


Still Lavapies, because it is the quarter where life appears more naked. It is a very centric area of Madrid, old part of the city and very special. Inhabited by immigrants and other border's way of life. We can still hear public conversations and also fights at Plaza de Lavapies. Antiheroes of capitalism having supper with Baco.

Monday 18 December 2006

Museo del Traje

Walking down Juan de Herrera Avenue, is impossible not to note the Museo del Traje (costumes Museum)… This Museum opened since 2004 in the building, (design by the architects Jaime López de Asiaín y Ángel Díaz Domínguez, national prize of architecture winner in 1969) that before hosted the Spanish Museum of Contemporary Art, shows the history of costumes in Spain since the XVI century until our days.

Sunday 17 December 2006


Just enjoy what it is. Reconquering the urban floor..the mesure of the pieces in relation with your body, the material absorbing the heat, the urban furniture changing use. Madrid doesn't offer this often, only few tribus challenge the ordinary use. Serie observadores

Saturday 16 December 2006

Next station, Tirso de Molina…

Madrid’s subway was inaugurated in October 1919 by the king Alfonso XIII. The first line (1) (the blue one) connected Cuatro Caminos with Sol; only 8 stations and 3.5Km… Now after 87 years is one of the biggest subways in the world, with something like 230Km and 190 stations in 12 Lines…

Introducing PUER-atelier…

...¡I’m not alone any more!...
From today on (MAD) daily photo we have a new member; as all u guys know sometimes is hard to post every day, so I thought it would be interesting to have some more people aboard, with the ‘same’ passion for photography and for Madrid, enriching the Blog with different ways of seeing the city… hope u enjoy…

Friday 15 December 2006

Retiro's crystal palace...

The Madrid crystal palace raises in the Retiro park in the center of Madrid, built in the 1887 for the islas Filipinas exposition. Inspirated, in the Paxton’s glass house in Chatsworth (1836), is now one of the ex-libris of the park, and Madrid… pity we have to wait till spring to see it open…

Thursday 14 December 2006

still MNCARS...

The MNCARS elevator towers (3) were constructed in 1988 by the British architect Ian Ritchie, glass and hi-tec ‘masterpieces’… a long way from the construction of the original building the ‘Hospital General de San Carlos’ by José de Hermosilla and Francisco Sabatini in the XVIII century.

Wednesday 13 December 2006


MNCARS is for 'Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía', with ‘Museo Del Prado’ are the most important museums of Madrid… view of the Nouvel ampliation with Lichtenstein’s sculpture. ¿what are they looking at?...

Tuesday 12 December 2006


The best way to start Madrid daily photo... Km.0... The origin of all Spanish national roads...