Friday 16 February 2007


Last public demostration has been lead by the conservative party against the negotiation of goverment and ETA
People dressed with the spanish flag, flags as signs handed by people. This is a new behaviour of this side of the wealthy and conservative society, going out their houses and churches, to shout against the homosexual marriage, against the negotiation with Eta, and probably the end of the violence in Spain. It has been very strange to see them walking in the streets (they don't go out their neibourhood), going on underground with all their children, shouting while wearing fur coats. At least ...bizarre

Friday 9 February 2007

Just a walk to school…

Not much today, just a splendid walk to school… shinny day… Juan de Herrera avenue side-walk…

Tuesday 6 February 2007


Europe’s door from Valdezarza neighbourhood, better known as KIO towers (Kuwait Investments Office), are two twin towers in the highest area of Madrid, Plaza de Castilla, their 114 meters tall and have a 15º inclination one towards the other. Work of the architects Philip Johnson y John Burgee, and the first inclined towers in the world.

Monday 5 February 2007


a sitting-room, a dining-room a bed room. I know these people, I have been watching their skills to make a comfortable place for some years. They prefer living in the street. In winter they lie on the metro air-chimenies, and sit down like sunflowers all in the same direction. When I hear them speaking it seems to me SILENT FILM SCENES.

Friday 2 February 2007


4 towers are the conection between Kuala Lumpur and Madrid. In the end of the main axe: 7 kilometers of Madrid longest street: Castellana, 450 m height.
The cuestion is:
the era of the Towers hasn't end up?, Hasn't it changed the paradigm of the citis? Towers are symbols of what?...