Wednesday 24 June 2009

Puerta del Sol.

This is not the famous Puerta del Sol (Gate of the sun), but the impression is the same. Soon I will tell you more about the point cero of spanish highways.

Thursday 18 June 2009

Roofing I.

The Second Republic opened the way to the northern extension of the city by demolition of the racecourse. A 1964 competion defined the actual commercial centre called AZCA, with symbolic buildings by architects like Francisco Sainz de Oíza with his BBVA-Bank building (1981) or the Picasso Tower (1988) by New York´s World Trade Center architect Minoru Yamasaki. Behind those you can see the Kia-Towers around Castilla square. In the background the skyline of Madrid´s four megatowers you found lots of pictures in this blog.

Sunday 14 June 2009

Markets (VI)

We are back again. Hello fellows, here the photo of the Mayor Square you wanted we post. A lot of work and a journey to Barcelone to my wife´s sister delays a little our daily blog (that never was a daily but a two-times-a-week one).
This square, originally created by king´s Philip II. of Spain arquitect Juan de Herrera in the 1590th it was finished in 1619 closing its still open fronts. Once place for market and justice, today it is one of the most beautiful squares in Spain with lots of cultural events all the year.