Tuesday 31 March 2009

Markets (III)


Friday 27 March 2009

Markets (II)

I shot this photo during the destruction of San Anton's market. It will be another one with three parking levels and an all-open supermarket of the marketing chain OpenCor of the Corte Inglés. In this never sleeping Chueca neighbourhood I suppose it achieves success. The owners had planned to integrate some of the old stands, too.

Tuesday 24 March 2009

Sunny days.

Nearby the most famous square Sol ("sun") you find some extraordinary views, like this with the VITALICIO Insurance Building and the old Abbey of the Conception.

Tuesday 17 March 2009


If you leave mainstreets of Chueca neighbourhood you can find some extraordinary facades, sometimes like in this foto with a little garden in front of it. Chueca, the centrical little square and the underground-station, whose name is dedicated to the composer Federico Chueca, is the most gayfriendly neighbourhood in Madrid. Once a high-criminated zone, it developed in the late nineties to an vanguardian and modern neighbourhood. But: there are lots of senior citizen who always had been lived there. It is the tolerant way of living I like, this contrast to see a couple of two men and an aged woman buying bread in the same shop.

Friday 13 March 2009

One of them.

One bright night I went out to take a shot.
Looking for the right light I caught a lot.

Thursday 12 March 2009

Tower Zoom...

I'm so glad that "H" (hache) finally got some time to post (I hope he keep on posting). His photos are great. ¿don't you think?...
Making echo of SKY and SCAPER post by "H" the other day I bring you a Tower Zoom of the 3 tallest building in Madrid and in Spain. The Sacyr-Vallehermoso tower, designed by the architects Carlos Rubio Carvajal and Enrique Álvarez-Sala Walter, is 236 meters high and it has 52 floors...

Wednesday 11 March 2009

Dedicated to two women

Don't mind I want to addict to sensational images. But these centrical square nearby Gran Via and underground-station Callao had been reformed after commiting two knifings. Two women, working in the street, were murdered in it in the last three years. I think it's a shame that have to happen things like that to change urban spaces, don´t you?

Sunday 8 March 2009

Markets (I.)

Neighbourhood Justicia's old markets are nearly disappeared; one of the last is the Barcelo-Market near the Tribunal underground-station. But the new proyect with another shopping-center, culturecenter and public swimming-pools has already the license-to-be-built.

Thursday 5 March 2009


Madrid's four new skyscrapers, sawn of Chamartin's station in the north of the town.