Sunday 30 January 2011

Masterpiece of St. Bernardo

One of the most famous buildings by Fernando Higueras Díaz (1930-2008) is this ensemble of buildings for a military living-association, erected between 1968 and 1974. This house beside the roundabout of San Bernardo shows the main themes Higueras used to employ in his buildings: white concrete and plants all over the house. All the construction occupies a extended site, that is why Higueras decided to split the building and introduce a small street in the backyard.

Thursday 20 January 2011

Foggy Fog.

There is an avenue that smells like city, looks like metropolis and sounds like urban life. The Great Way (La Gran Vía) is the most impressive and the most consequent pathway Madrid has - here I took a photo in the morning going to a building site I have nearby. This fog is nice picturally, isn't it? Once I will tell you about the building in the back - the Capitol, one of the most significant in the capital of Spain.

Wednesday 12 January 2011

Good Morning Madrid.

500m, 1.000m, 1.500m, 2.000m. Arriving at "La Dehesa de la Villa", something like "The Grove of the Town", a small rest of a typical iberian pinewood, I can enjoy this fantastic view: Lots of peaks, part of the skyline of the matutinal Madrid. The Lighthouse of Moncloa (Faro de Moncloa) in the center and the Headquarters of the Spanish Airforce on the left, with its 4 towers, typical of the Escorial-Castle-Style
. 2.500m, 3.000m, ...