Saturday, 5 February 2011

In the cold north.

This is Castilla Plaza - the main square of Madrid's northern neighbourhood Chamartín. I was in luck to take this shot out from a terrace in a close building. Tr3tna did show you the KIO-Towers in an older post yet, a great work of the architects Philip Johnson y John Burgee, and the first inclined towers in the world. In the centre there is a 92m monument of a savings bank, designed by the Valencian engineer Santiago Calatrava from 2010. In my opinion put it here is a pity, rejecting all the greatness and smart balance the KIO-Towers have with a simple vertical statement. Now the square is really overloaded, don't you think so?


joo said...

Nice photo, I like this modern 'face' of Madrid:)

TOP-GRAF said...

Carlos Ribeiro said...

Seeing a picture like that sincerely feel frustrated when thinking about the possible impression that the European tourists have about my country in the FIFA World Cup 2014.

About your question, I feel - perhaps - the lack of a few more trees in relation to the amount of concrete, but it is an amazing region!