Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Touristic photo with skyscraper...

Today I just felt I should put some 'touristic' photo of Madrid and not a ZOOM... So here it is the the Retiro's park Pond presided by the Monument to the king Alfonso XII... nice place to impress your girlfriend rowing in circles... :-)


Miguel Caballero said...

I love this place; I have several good memories over there: I wrote my first is those steps, and I and my bf "salied" in the lake a few days after we knew each other... And the sound of the drums!!


Anonymous said...

Hola :-)

I like the Retiro Parc....nice for a walk or just sitting in the grass and watching ppl.
I have a few nice photo's aswell, made them when I visited Madrid.

And i like your blog very much


tr3nta said...

Maybe we can see those photos on your own blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry tr3nta, i don't have a blog, but i keep visiting yours :-)


Jackie said...

Oooh, I've been there! Great photo!