Friday, 16 February 2007


Last public demostration has been lead by the conservative party against the negotiation of goverment and ETA
People dressed with the spanish flag, flags as signs handed by people. This is a new behaviour of this side of the wealthy and conservative society, going out their houses and churches, to shout against the homosexual marriage, against the negotiation with Eta, and probably the end of the violence in Spain. It has been very strange to see them walking in the streets (they don't go out their neibourhood), going on underground with all their children, shouting while wearing fur coats. At least ...bizarre


jelb said...

Well done shots on your blog! Bravo!

Dsole said...

Fiuu...asunto peliagudo este!
Ya me canso de ver cómo se pasan a bola de uno a otro según conveniencia.. y estas manifestaciones... qué quieres que te diga? me parecen tan politizadas que dan pena.
un saludo madrileño!

Hitesh Sawlani said...

Regardless of the merit of the people protesting, the protest isn't without merit.

ETA has MURDERED hundreds of innocent civilians, we have offered them peace in the past, even offered to remove all prison sentences.

Do we need to remind ourselves whenever they say they have stopped the violence they just arm up again and stab us in the back?

Husbands killed, wifes killed, grandparents killed, children killed.

December 30, 2006: Truck bomb in Madrid's Barajas airport that destroyed a four-story parking structure and killed two Ecuadorian immigrants

May 30, 2003: A car bomb in Navarre kills two policemen and wounds a civilian.

August 04, 2002 : Car bomb explodes outside the Civil Guard's casa cuartel in Santa Pola and kills two people, a six-year-old girl and a 54 year old man, and injuring 40 people.

July 14, 2001: Twin attacks by ETA claim the lives of two within hours of each other. Jose Javier Múgica, 50, a regional councilor and member of the center-right Union of the People of Navarra party, dies after a car bomb is placed in his van in the northern village of Leiza; Mikel Uribe, 44, a police officer from the General Inspection Unit (Internal Affairs) of the Ertzaintza, dies after being shot from behind in his car in the town of Leaburu.

July 10, 2001: Luis Ortiz de la Rosa, 33, a police officer, is killed at 8:30 p.m. in a southern neighborhood in Madrid when a car bomb explodes. The blast also injures twelve. A call from ETA 45 minutes before had been made, and police were clearing the area when the bomb detonated.

# May 24, 2001: Santiago Oleaga Elejabarrieta, 54, the chief financial officer of El Diario Vasco (The Basque Daily), the most widely circulated newspaper in Guipúzcoa, dies instantly after being shot in the head. The attack was likely motivated by the anti-ETA editorials of 'El Diario.

1997: Abduction of Basque councillor Miguel Angel Blanco, prompting six million Spaniards to join mass demonstrations against ETA. The organization asks the government to relocate all imprisoned ETA terrorists in prisons closer to the Basque Country in 48 hours. When the government does not accept this demand, Miguel Angel Blanco is executed.

December 11, 1995: A car bomb explodes at the passing of military van in the Vallecas borough of Madrid, killing 6 civilians who worked for the Army.

The list goes on since the 1960's. Do you still think the government is going to end violence?

Randy said...

Great capture of the protest. Rich color.

Olivier said...

belle photo, j'espere qu'un jour on verra la fin de toutes ces violences.

beautiful photograph, I hope that one day the end of all these violences will be seen.

Jazzy said...

greatly documented Ciudadano.
fabulous shot.

Jean said...

Interesting. Very good photo.

Pat said...

Nice colours! Very interesting to see this.

Natalie said...

I know that you and others are hopeful that negotiations with ETA would end the violence, but this is just wishful thinking. Hasn't the government tried in the past to make peace with ETA and yet ETA continues its terrorism.
No es posible negociar con terroristas.

Zsolt72 said...

thanks got terrorism is not present in Hungary (yet). But I know very well how many anger can be in people in the name of nationalism or any other ideology. To be honest in 2007 when in Europe the borders tends to be disappeared I dont really understand these ideologies.

Dsole said...

Hey! what's up with u guys!?
I miss your Madrid point of view!!
Hope to see you soon around here!