Sunday, 17 December 2006


Just enjoy what it is. Reconquering the urban floor..the mesure of the pieces in relation with your body, the material absorbing the heat, the urban furniture changing use. Madrid doesn't offer this often, only few tribus challenge the ordinary use. Serie observadores


photowannabe said...

That's good for Madrid. I am sorry to say that San Francisco has many using the urban furniture. It is a problem.
Good shot that tells a story.

Olivier said...

cette photo aurait pu avoir comme nom, apres la fete

this photograph could have had like name, after the festival

Lavender Lady said...

You shot is excellent...there is so much going on, if only one looks. I am wondering what the man is thinking.

Jing said...

i found the sun in spain is so wonderful!!
i like the sun shine in the photo though i didnt see it.
and the guy is a wonderful model, cool posture!!

great shot!!

shanghai daily photo

PUER-atelier said...

photos from China are the most different, powerfull and strong....the mix of things there ,is we can see in shangai daily photo
Sun in is special, even in winter...this image is december in Madrid,sunday morning in Lavapies...something is still asleep....our body is a "soul" more than any other day...erratic movements....non-thinking desitions...body-thinking: when we relax and walk is the body who thinks...and maybe desire to 'just be on the floor'
thanks for all your thoughts ¡¡

Nathalie said...

Your words 'just enjoy' didn't work for me at all. I saw this person on the right as needing help or comfort, or at least not being in an 'enjoy' mood...
The photo is beautiful.

pueratelier said...

Nathalie somehow I agree with you, but in other way I use enjoy as "profit what we have, what is there to be used". Probably this person is not a main stream person, but I am sure he takes what is there, he still can choose, where to place himself on a sunday morning....somehow I feel jealouse of this kind of freedom.

Meg in Nelson said...

This is a stunning photograph!